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Adding Value for the Red Meat Industry

Freeze Dry Proteins are an innovative manufacturing company that uses leading edge technology to create high value consumer goods. With a red meat industry focus, Freeze Dry Proteins offer fee for service value adding to all proteins and raw materials.

Freeze drying of proteins and other raw materials adds enormous value in terms of shelf-life, ambient storage and preserved nutrition all packaged into lightweight end product.

Freeze drying is a 100% natural process. There are absolutely no additives, preservatives or chemicals used during processing. Ever.

This innovative technology adds enormous value to otherwise perishable foods right through the Agribusiness chain.

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Innovative. Efficient. Sustainable.

This is the foundation of Freeze Dry Protein’s philosophy and underpins their freeze drying expertise. Purpose built and designed freeze drying technology has been developed to offer world class, ultra low energy along with maximum performance.

You can read more about their energy efficient technology here.

Therapeutic Goods Administration

Freeze Dry Proteins are well versed with the production of listed medicines and therapeutic goods under the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulations. If you are looking for assistance with bringing a new listed medicine to market, please contact us today.

Organic Accreditation

Freeze Dry Proteins are accredited with both ACO Certification Ltd and the USDA Organics for the National Organics Program (NOP). This means they can supply wholesale freeze dried certified organic powders recognised in those markets. If you are after organic contract freeze drying, Freeze Dry Proteins can apply their organic production process to your organic raw input to ensure your finished goods remain certified organic.

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Halal Accreditation

Freeze Dry Proteins are accredited with Australian Halal Development & Accreditation (AHDAA) certificate number PP004/23 . Not only are we accredited as a Halal processor, our finished goods (Certified Organic beef liver and fine beef bone powders) are also Halal accredited.

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Pet Food Manufacturing

Freeze Dry Proteins have freeze dried thousands of batches of pet food ingredients. Freeze drying allows maximum retention of key integrity values. That is, valuable minerals, enzymes and vitamins are retained along with the aroma and flavour. If you are looking to create innovative pet products via a preservative and additive free process, get in touch today.

Freeze Dry Proteins 527529022

Quality Control Provides Peace of Mind

Launched in 2017, Freeze Dry Proteins have a wealth of expertise in processing agricultural materials. Their expertise covers many agricultural materials from numerous industry sectors. Their fee for service programs can assist with:

  • Pre-production
  • Freeze drying
  • Milling
  • Retail packaging

Freeze Dry Proteins can also assist with all your organic and bio-dynamic needs as they are:

  • HACCP certified
  • Safe Food QLD accredited for Meat & Diary
  • Certified with ACO Certification Ltd
  • Certified with USDA Organics (NOP)

The Freeze Dry Protein Positive Release Program ensures all goods destined for human consumption are thoroughly tested and cleared as goods fit for purpose.