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Freeze Dry Proteins have processed over 2,000,000 kilograms of agricultural materials to date. Freeze drying is offered as fee for service, alongside a range of other services and solutions to suit your needs.

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Research & Development

7 years of Research & Development have educated Freeze Dry Proteins well with the steps required to unearth a material’s value. If you need assistance with R&D, get in touch so a team member can help.

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New Product Development

The nutraceutical and fortified nutrition markets are booming! If you have a great food or dietary supplement idea for your existing agricultural materials, get in touch today so that a team member can help.

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Freeze Drying

Freeze Dry Proteins have purpose- built and Australian made freeze driers on site; focusing on high performance, ultra-low energy. Freeze Dry Proteins offer early stage experiments as a trial and commercial sized drying.

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Goods need to arrive fully prepped and ready to freeze dry,  however mincing can be performed onsite.

Let Freeze Dry Proteins know what you need, and there will be a solution.

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Once your goods are freeze dried, Freeze Dry Proteins can assit with particle size reduction via one of numerous mills. Whether you are looking for a super fine powder to be encapsulated, or a chunkier crumble style blend to be reconstituted, Freeze Dry Proteins can help.

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Retail Packaging

Freeze Dry Proteins have a 14-head multi head weigher packaging machine on site. This has the capacity to fill block bottom, vertical form fill seal and DOY bags. With an in-line metal detector, hot foil date coder, Euroslot or standard hanging hole and nitrogen flush available, the machine can pack all goods with the exception of powders.

If you need help with your finished goods being packed into smaller retail packages, get in touch to see how Freeze Dry Proteins can help.